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3 Things to Optimize the Weekly Employee Timesheet

Essentially, a weekly employee timesheet should be able to track total hours worked by employees. Thus, the purpose of this form is to make payroll easy-breezy to calculate.

Nowadays, companies have implemented an automated system to track all those things mentioned above. Most apps require payment to activate all features. You can pick one from the available options which you can operate seamlessly.

Using apps also allows an automated calculation. Eliminating as many manual tasks as possible helps to optimize the filling process as well as the calculating process.

Samples of Weekly Employee Timesheet :

Weekly Employee Timesheet Template Example Example of Weekly Employee Timesheet Template Sample of Weekly Employee Timesheet Template Weekly Employee Timesheet Template Sample

In this article, we will show you a few things to consider when optimizing a weekly timesheet.

An automated system is a must

Even though a weekly employee timesheet is possible to be made in Google Docs, it doesn’t mean that the platform is the best one. You can find tons of online options to create timesheets.

On the other hand, automated timesheets allow easy access both for you and employees. Apps and software also provide several options of timesheets, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly.

Since we are talking about a weekly timesheet, using an accessible one is highly recommended. Automated systems also prevent human errors and provide a more accurate calculation.

Timesheets for easier payroll

Keep in mind that timesheets should provide an easier calculation for payroll. Thus, you must stay away from employee timesheet templates that require you to waste more time. Since your employees will also fill the form, they should feel comfortable when doing it.

As mentioned earlier, there are several names of apps that provide payroll calculation services. You better conduct a little research before deciding on using a specific app. Everyone involved shouldn’t feel frustrated while filling and doing the paperwork.


More than anything, timesheets are legal and compliant. If you are used to manual calculation, you might figure out how to make a total sum of the employees’ salaries. However, it takes a lot of time to get anything done.

To optimize the timesheets and make them as efficient as possible, using online timesheets is highly recommended. Besides better accessibility, all history is stored in the cloud. Every time you make changes, you can always take a look back when needed.

All in all, using automated timesheets will help you big time. Both you and the employees can build a better working environment since they are paid based on their work hours. And this is anything you need to know to optimize a weekly employee timesheet.

Weekly Employee Timesheet Template | Word – download

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