Free Printable Truck Driver Timesheet Template

How to Make an Effective Truck Driver Timesheet

A truck driver timesheet is one of the timesheet types commonly used in companies. Weekly timesheets also mean that employees receive their payroll once a week. This way is considered as the most practical yet best decision a company to make.

But how can you make employees turn in the timesheet right on time? At some point, employees may get their work loaded more than before they’re assigned to fill the sheet. Still, you can make a simple document so they can fill and turn the sheet right on time.

Samples of Truck Driver Timesheet :

Truck Driver Timesheet Template Sample Example of Truck Driver Timesheet Template Truck Driver Timesheet Template Example Sample of Truck Driver Timesheet Template

Thus, in this article, we will tell you about how to make an effective truck driver timesheet. The best part of this thing is that weekly paychecks are a good start to maintain the relationship in the workplace.

Keep it simple and easy

More than anything, a simple and easy trucking timesheet will make the drivers feel a bit happier. It is recommended to make a timesheet that only requires about 5 minutes to complete each day. Besides, filling a form that may take 30 minutes to complete is frustrating.

Another way to speed up the submission process, you can use an automated system to make the process much simpler. Whether or not you are using a smartphone app, timesheets are supposed to be simple and easy.

Explain the purpose

Most of the time, employees would do a task as long as the intention is clear. Thus, as a project manager or somebody in charge, you must communicate how the data will be used. Employees need to know about the value of their activity.

Once you have explained the purpose of this document, be sure to make anything flexible. Tracking time is not going to be a simple task if you ask for a precise number. Thus, being flexible would help your employees to fill out the form easily.

Automated system

Even though making columns and rows, as well as filling the form with a pen, would be exciting, you don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Using an automated system allows a shorter time to fill the entire form. Also, it will benefit both you and employees if as many manual processes are eliminated. Employees should have easy access to the timesheet.


There are a few types of timesheets you can choose from. According to research, a weekly basis is the most convenient time frame. And this is anything you need to know to make an efficient truck driver timesheet both for you and the employees.

Truck Driver Timesheet Template | Word – download

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