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Benefits of Using Online Multiple Employee Weekly Timesheet

In this era where technology and information quickly develop, almost every single thing is done online, including filling out multiple employee weekly timesheets. Usually, timesheets come in magnetic cards, digital, biometric, and fingerprint.

But, during this global pandemic where most employees should work from home, it is hard to physically fill out the timesheet. This is where using an online multiple employee weekly timesheet is beneficial. Below are the benefits of using such a timesheet.


Online timesheet does not require any physical machine and system installation. This way, you can save on company expenses. Online timesheet is cost-effective, especially if your office has some branches.

By using an online timesheet, you do not have to purchase and install an attendance machine for every office branch. Online timesheets offer flexibility. You just need to download the application, register yourself, and immediately use it via smartphones or PCs.

With an online timesheet, employees do not have to go to the office just to fill out their daily attendance.

Real-Time Monitoring

Online timesheet applications will always be connected to the internet so that you can monitor the data in real-time. This will surely help the HR team to monitor employees’ attendance and lateness. Synchronizing data becomes easier since every data is automatically stored using the cloud system.

Minimal Cheating

The next benefit of using an online timesheet is minimizing cheating. Online timesheets usually use the GPS technology or Global Positioning System and are biometric so that online timesheets lack cheating.

The GPS technology will verify employees’ attendance in a certain place. This is why online timesheet is more flexible, simpler, and more secure to use since it is minimum in cheating. No one can manipulate or change the data since it is encrypted and securely stored.

Easier Recapitulation

Online timesheets will make it easier to record and recapitulate data. Attendances, absences, and lateness will be automatically recorded without having to manually move them. Moreover, cloud-based systems are usually integrated between data.

This way, data changes will be automatically and accurately done. This benefit is surely helpful for the HR team so that they can use their time for other important tasks.

Those are the benefits that you can get by using an online employee timesheet. As you can see, an online employee timesheet is indeed effective and practical. There are already so many applications that you can choose to record and track your employees’ working hours and attendances.

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