Free Printable Law Firm Timesheet Template

Free Printable Law Firm Timesheet Template

An Ultimate Guide to Make a Law Firm Timesheet

As a lawyer who works in a law firm, getting in touch with a law firm timesheet will be something you must do at least once a month. Generally, being an attorney or running a law firm is quite busy. Thus, tracking the hours you dedicate to your job is a must.

Generally, most timesheets for attorneys are not as useful as they should be. Since humans have to fill out the form manually, inaccurate data could get in the way. At the end of the day, you are dealing with the lack of essential data.

Thus, in this article, we are going to show you how to create a timesheet for billing as a lawyer. Most of the time, people use Excel, Google Docs, and anything that requires basic skills. However, using software or an online app will help you big time.

Samples of Law Firm Timesheet :

Law Firm Timesheet Template Example Example of Law Firm Timesheet Template Sample of Law Firm Timesheet Template Law Firm Timesheet Template Sample

What is a law firm timesheet?

Before diving further, it is essential to know the meaning and purpose of this document.

As explained earlier, attorneys record how many hours they have spent working on tasks. Using a timesheet is supposed to help them track their number. The number will determine the client billing, which leads to easier payroll.

In a template of a law firm timesheet, several elements must present on the document.

They are such as the name of attorney as well as the date and case number, a row for days of the week, a description of the case, task names as well as the time (start to end), hourly rate, total working time, total billable hours, and the signature of the lawyer.

How it works

Regardless of the format, an attorney timesheet helps you with several tasks.

If you are working with a lawyer, the form helps to manage the schedule and billable hour rates of the lawyer. You can also track how long the lawyer took to complete a case.

Other than basic information, a timesheet for attorneys works for tracking in-court and out-of-court time. By using standardized templates, the work schedules of the lawyers are streamlined.


Essentially, a timesheet is created to boost the productivity of the lawyer. Other than that, the clients will get accurate information when it comes to legal professional working hours. For the attorney, a timesheet will help when you are in doubt over billing hours for clients.

More than anything, using an automated law firm timesheet is much more efficient.

Law Firm Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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