Free Printable Internship Timesheet Template

Free Printable Internship Timesheet Template

Internship Timesheet and Why It’s Necessary

Do you need an internship timesheet? If you planned to pay your interns, using a timesheet for an internship is a good start. The design might be similar to other timesheets for workplaces. However, you need to adjust the information you stated in the document.

At some point, you will ask your interns to fill the document, and you should expect that they will hesitate at first. There are several things you can do to make the process easier both for you and the interns.

Samples of Internship Timesheet :

Internship Timesheet Template Example Example of Internship Timesheet Template Sample of Internship Timesheet Template Internship Timesheet Template Sample

In this article, we will show you things to do to manage timesheets in the workplace. Whether the document is for the interns or other employees, the tips below are relatable on so many levels.

Simple is first

When it comes to making a log sheet for internship, simplicity is a must. This rule is applied to all types of timesheets.

Making as simple as the possible look is highly recommended. Their jobs are already hard and time-consuming. You don’t want to make them put even more just for filling a form.

Since a timesheet is supposed to be filled every day in a week, be sure it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Easier submission

You can pick between manual and automated timesheet systems. Regardless of your choice, be sure the submission won’t add another workload on the employee.

Since this is about an internship timesheet, be sure that the interns won’t deal with a hard time submitting the paper. Deciding on a specific inbox is a good idea, especially if you are using the manual one.

Meanwhile, employees and interns can simply submit the document online.


No one would do a thing without knowing the value behind that task. Since you are the project manager or somebody in charge, be sure to provide a clear explanation about the sheets.

A timesheet is indeed self-explanatory. However, explaining to the employees and interns will help them get a better understanding. Also, ensuring everyone is on the same page is a must yet crucial.

Send reminders

Employees are also humans. Their job has been tiring throughout the day. Thus, it is a common thing that people are sometimes forgetful. Thus, you can send out reminders or alerts at the beginning of the day if the sheet is due.

Late timesheet submission is such a headache for you. On the other hand, creating a simple internship timesheet and reminding them to turn it will save you a lot.

Internship Timesheet Template | Word – download

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