Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Free Printable Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

The Great Functions of Independent Contractor Timesheet

For those of you who have been in the HR world for a long time, you must be familiar with the name independent contractor timesheet. This component is arguably commonly used by human resource divisions in a company to help calculate their salary based on their working hours.

With this timesheet, company operations related to the payroll system can run much more quickly and practically. In simple terms, a timesheet is a tool used to measure the working hours of an independent contractor in a company.

Samples of Independent Contractor Timesheet :

Sample of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Sample of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Example of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Example of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template Example

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template Example

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template Sample

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template Sample

Through data from this timesheet, companies can find out when an independent contractor starts and ends work every day. Also, calculating the overtime time can be done more easily. So, what are the other advantages of using a timesheet?

As a tool for time management

Through clearly recorded timesheets, the human resource division in the company can find out how the working hours of each independent contractor are. Are they following the working hours stipulated by the company or vice versa?

Also, through this independent contractor timesheet, HRD can also find out the extent to which this time is effectively used by each employee in completing their work. Then if in one day there are many loads of work that must be completed immediately, the independent contractor will be asked to work overtime.

As consideration for employee performance information

A good leader must be able to pay attention to every independent contractor he works with. Especially HR, this division will deal directly with human resources within the company. For that, it is important for every HR to always observe the performance of each of these employees. Have they finished their work correctly and on time?

If an independent contractor cannot complete a job according to predetermined deadlines. Then you deserve to find out. Is the burden too heavy? Or maybe the employee’s time management is not neat?

Through a brief analysis of the employee’s performance, you will find out the capacity of each of them and where the potential of each employee is.

Payroll data sources

This attendance is one of the factors that influence payroll independent contractors. It will be clear when they work, whether they apply for leave, and how many times they are working overtime.

Employees will receive a salary according to the work agreement according to the hours worked and overtime performed. Payroll also runs more transparently because employees know that the salary they receive is proportional to their performance.

Those are some functions of independent contractor timesheet. May this information be useful for you!

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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