Free Printable Bimonthly Timesheet Template

Free Printable Bimonthly Timesheet Template

If you are thinking about a spreadsheet to do payroll, you might need to find something better that can do the job for you. So, instead of just recording and making the payroll separately, you can have your record to do the job. You just need to use the timesheet to work for your payroll system.

There are some options for the timesheet that you can choose. If you run a small business, it will be suitable for you to choose the bimonthly timesheet. If you are not familiar with this timesheet yet, let’s have a look.

About Bimonthly Timesheet

A bimonthly timesheet is a tool you can use to do two times periods of monthly payroll. It is suitable for you who have employees that work per hour. It will help you to deal with the hourly in and out from the employees.

Using this fortnight to prepare the payroll will help you to deal with the busy times. You will not need to wait until the end of the month to calculate the salary. The system will do it for you and you can be relaxed about it.

Advantages of Bimonthly Timesheet

This timesheet helps you to create the payroll for your employees more efficiently. Efficiency is essential if you are working with a small team that has plenty of tasks to do. You do not need to spend too much time doing administrative tasks.

The administrative task can be very tiring if you are not doing it right. Instead of a happy payday, instead, you will get an abundance of stress. You will not need to do so many checks to ensure that the payroll is accurate.

It will also be good to optimize the cash flow in the company. By using this bimonthly timesheet, you will have tidy and accurate financial reporting. It will fit accurately for your reporting scheme. Some adjustment will work well in the end.

You will be able to analyze which employees are eligible for their premium benefits. Any addition for your employees is also easy to do. The equal amounts of the benefit deductions can be taken out yearly too.

It is suitable for you who have a small business and you have no time to keep checking the administrative work. It is very efficient as less double-check is needed to ensure that the detail is in order. Thus, even if you have a small team, you will find it easy to work on this payroll system.

Bimonthly Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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