Free Printable Attorney Timesheet Template

Free Printable Free Printable Attorney Timesheet Template

Reasons NOT to Use Attorney Timesheet Templates

It cannot be denied that running a law firm or being an attorney is one of the busiest professions out there. Attorneys even might find it hard to fill up their timesheet, let alone manually creating a timesheet, since they are mostly outside for their business and cases.

In order to overcome this issue, there are attorney timesheet templates available. You can easily find one on the internet.

Samples of Attorney Timesheet :

Attorney Timesheet Template Example Example of Attorney Timesheet Template Sample of Attorney Timesheet Template Attorney Timesheet Template Sample

However, such a template is not really effective. Why? Here are the reasons why you better avoid using lawyer timesheet templates.

They are Prone to Human Errors

Manually recording time can possibly lead to miscalculating hours or even forgetting to input some tasks or hours to the daily timesheet. Attorneys have a bunch of court time appointments, meetings, and phone calls. Most of them even work on-the-go.

So, it is normal and reasonable for them to miss or forget to input their working hours and tasks manually in the daily timesheet. Moreover, since there is no standard for timesheet format, some lawyer timesheet templates might be confusing for both novice and senior attorneys.

Things will be complicated since they do not know what data is required and how to input their tasks and working hours. As a result, they can mess up the timesheet data that will affect their billing fee.

Can Result in Lost Income

Besides being possible to create some mistakes, lawyer timesheet templates can also result in lost revenue. A study showed that each attorney loses around 3.1 hours on average a month when they are manually filling out the timesheet template. As you know, attorney time is precious.

The average hourly billing rate of attorneys in the United States of America is $438. This way, they can end up losing around $16,000 annually from the lost 3.1 hours. It is surely a huge number. If you are running a law firm and hiring some attorneys, you can lose millions of dollars.

No Choice to Analyze Data

When you use an attorney timesheet template in the form of PDF, Word, or Google Sheet, you do not have reliable historical data on your hands that you can analyze effortlessly. In most cases, users cannot see past and latest current trends.

They can only see plenty of numbers that are claimed to be able to help users with billing and payroll. However, it is not practical when it comes to productivity assessment.

Attorney Timesheet Template | Excel – download

Other Samples of Free Printable Attorney Timesheet Template

Attorney Timesheet Template SampleSample of Attorney Timesheet TemplateExample of Attorney Timesheet TemplateAttorney Timesheet Template ExampleFree Printable Free Printable Attorney Timesheet Template
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